Heng Wei Jia Ri

No.43 Wulan Road Baotou, Baotou

Permanently is the national travel agency licenses two star classes hotels for the holiday hotel, is situated at the Baotou elder brother area business center, all around has the Baotou biggest general merchandise building -- Wang Fu Jing building, the Baotou general merchandise building, the only business mansion, Rong Zishang the mansion, the north city and so on, is best land sector which the traveling, the commercial visitor stays. The hotel has including the standard, during during the luxurious standard, the anteroom and so on the altogether guest rooms, and is equipped with the sunlight hall watering hole, the business center and the ping pong room. The a area room and may provide the wide band to access the net the service. The hotel divides into a, the b two buildings, a place is accurate Tristar, the b place is two stars, middle connects a whole by the sunlight hall. The hotel plan objective is turns the hotel meticulous service one fashion life style, its goal customer is to the service extremely sensitive modern traveller, they crave to the individuality and the high grade life, shows loving care for the customer idea.

Dirección Heng Wei Jia Ri

No.43 Wulan Road BaotouCP:14010,Baotou,China
Teléfono:No especificadoFax:86-472-2291324

Heng Wei Jia Ri

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